London restaurant

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London restaurant

SoHo+Co were commissioned to develop a design concept for a new restaurant in London's West End with a focus on British ingredients and an open charcoal grill.

Britain has a complex relationship with its landscape and food. Historically we have constructed our cultural ideas of rural abundance and variety from a managed landscape - this has been consistently as the antithesis and escape from urban life - the pastoral as the opposite to the urban. 

To bring together the two ideas together of landscape and food we avoid the obvious signifiers of a pastoral setting; humble craft for its own sake that reinforces an imagined world of villages remote from London. Instead, we evoke a sense of landscape in a bold, contemporary way.

Each material suggested expresses the journey it has taken to a finish. This allows us to combine very contemporary elements with raw untouched aspects of the existing building shell. We create a bright, and relaxed palette but also one which is as theatrical and immediate as the cooking style.


Combining the playful and theatrical use of scale, and direct use of colour and texture we evoke being within a bright landscape that is spontaneous, direct, and exciting.