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Hox Cup Sake Bar

2016 Blueprint Innovation Awards Commended

Hox Cup Sake Bar was a collaboration between Museum of Sake, SoHo+Co and Alina Sann. Along with input from the team, we developed the creative strategy, concept, bar and interactive design as well as the identity and collateral materials. 

The bar itself is a honeycomb paper concertina that was designed and fabricated in 18 sections.  This allowed for easier assembly and compression, that could form a sinusoidal bar in the round.  The surface was planted with individual flowers that when touched would control the lighting, with the colour shifting to match the individual hue of each flower.

The Hox Cup Sake Bar showcased over 40 different varieties of cup sakes gathered from across Japan, in the garden courtyard of The Hoxton, Shoreditch for the first week of March 2016.

Cup sake was originally invented in 1964 to enable thirsty Japanese spectators to enjoy drinking sake whilst watching the Tokyo ’64 Olympic events. These individual portions of sake are typically packaged in beautiful and distinctively illustrated glasses and cans, opened by simply peeling off the metal lid.

In somewhat eager anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, visitors could watch original Tokyo ‘64 footage around a 20m long concertina paper bar, with sake sommeliers to guide them on their tasting experience. The Hox Cup Sake Bar featured the largest collection of cup sakes in the UK. Such a variety is rarely available outside of Japan, and visitors were able to sample many styles and take home the decorative cup sake containers as souvenirs.

We also organised a series of exclusive tasting events matching different sakes with a range of local food makers, including Hix, Mast Brothers, La Fromagerie and others.